Blacklisting of Agriculture Migrant Workers

Latest update about the blacklist of agriculture migrant workers in BC
Dear friends.

This is an update about the legal process at the Labour Relations Board regarding the blacklist of agriculture migrant workers.

We kindly encourage you to read and share the last press release in which “three former employees of the Mexico consulate in Vancouver gave testimony that indicated blacklisting and union busting activities by the consulate and Mexico government”

“B.C. Supreme Court Asked To Muzzle BC Labour Board Regarding Mexico Blacklisting Evidence.”
Please find it at

Thanks a lot for keeping in touch!


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Upcoming Frock Swap

Come celebrate CUPE 410
3rd Annual Community Action Day
Frock Swap

Date: Sunday, May 6th, 2012
Time: 5:00 – 8:00 pm

Save and Swap:
Women’s, Men’s, Children’s clothing and special boutique items!

There will also be individually priced boutique items including Shoes! Bags! Jewelry! Hats! And other fancy items!

Stay tuned for more info!

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Supporting the BC Teachers’ Federation

The BCTF will be holding a rally at the Legislature in Victoria from 12 Noon to 1:00 P.M. on Tuesday March 6th. They will gather at Centennial Square and march down Douglas Street to the Legislative Building. All CUPE Locals support the efforts of the BCTF and their fight against our Provincial government’s attack on the process of free and fair collective bargaining.

CUPE 410 is asking that those of you who can, by using your lunch time and/or coffee breaks, PLEASE consider ATTENDING the rally at the Legislature.  You can also use lieu time or banked time, but of course, all of our branches will need to be able to remain open and functioning.

There is lots of information on the CUPE BC website, including letters explaining the situation and a list of frequently asked questions that may be useful to you.

This is the CUPE BC homepage — because I know that they will be updating and adding information all the time:

While we at Local 410 have been very, very fortunate in our Collective Bargaining over the years, it has not been so for many other groups. The current Provincial government’s attack on free and fair collective bargaining may, in the future, have an impact on our collective bargaining process as well. So, let’s get out there and show them our support.

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President’s Message for February

February has been a fairly quiet month.  Even though we only had to deal with one or two items this past month, I have been able to construct a brief report of our activites and I have posted it to the 410 Forum under “President’s Reports”.  Things are guaranteed to be a little busier in March.  I hope to see many of you at our next General Membership meeting scheduled for Monday March 26th at the Emily Carr Branch.

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President’s Message for January 2012

President’s Report for the Month of January 2012

The new CUPE 410 Executive is now fully operational. The first meeting of the Executive was held on January 16th, to prepare a draft budget for the year; to discuss topics that would be brought forward to the General Membership and to discuss other topics that would be brought to the Union/Management Committee.

The General Membership meeting was held on January 23rd and discussions were lively. Most notably, was the discussion involving Article 1.05 (ii) from our Collective Agreement that reads “Regular part-time employees who are working an established schedule, shall be offered, in order of seniority, additional available hours of work (which do not conflict with their existing schedule) over auxiliary employees provided such work is within their department, program area, work site and classification in which the employee is presently employed”. This clause has not always been well implemented across the library system and there was passionate debate about how we should go about doing so. It was put on the agenda for the Union/Management Committee meeting, where it was agreed that the list of regular, part-time employees would be revised so that it could be found more easily and be kept in seniority order. It was also agreed that all regular, part-time employees who were interested in additional hours would be added to the appropriate “role” categories on Peoplewhere and that Management would remind all Supervisors of the existence of this clause.

A complete “DRAFT” edition of the minutes of the General Membership meeting will soon be added to the CUPE 410 website. I would encourage you all to watch for that. I will have full notes from the Union/Management meeting available at the next General Membership meeting.

The Union/Management Committee meeting was held on January 24th and the agenda for that meeting was “set in stone” nearly two weeks before the meeting was held. Nevertheless, we could not get answers to 5 out of the 8 items placed on the agenda by the Union, under “New Business”. In other words, Management requested more time to investigate and consider before they could provide any answers. Those items, plus others, will return to the agenda in March.

One item they would like us to consider is to suggest ideas for another “Staff Day”. Management is considering offering a “half day” event this year. If you have any ideas that you would like to have considered, please forward them to the HR and Employment Recognition Committee.

Remember that we are here for you and that if you have any questions or concerns about your working conditions please talk to us.

Dates of Future General Membership Meetings: Monday March 26, Monday May 28, Monday July 23, Monday September 24, Monday November 26

A poster with this information will be sent out to all branches.

Regards and Happy Valentine’s Day!
Ursula Benoit

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Union sees no sign of commitment to services from City; Library workers request conciliation

TORONTO—The heads of two unions representing City of Toronto workers – Mark Ferguson, President of CUPE local 416 Toronto Civic Employees Union, and Maureen O’Reilly, President of CUPE local 4948 Toronto Public Library Workers Union – gave an update today on the state of bargaining.

Rest of article on CUPE National web site.

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Seasons Greetings

December has been relatively quiet for CUPE Local 410.  We have just had to complete some paper work and get ourselves organized in preparation for the real work that will start in January.

Kate Rutherford, our representative on the CUPE Scholarship committee was able to announce the names of the 2 CUPE 410 recipients of CUPE Scholarship grants: Sharlene Patterson’s daughter and Kelly Ram’s daughter.  Congratulations to both Mahaila and Ashley.

I know that you will all join me in expressing our thanks and appreciation to the Negotiating Committee: Helen Hughes, Holman Louis and Heather Murch for all of their hard work and dedication in bringing our negotiations to a successful conclusion.  I also know that we continue to have issues and concerns.

It is my fervent hope, that one or two of those may be rectified at Union Management meetings during 2012.  For now, let me wish you all a safe and peaceful Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year.

Ursula Benoit
CUPE Local 410

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GVLRA Ratifies

The GVLRA board has met and has ratified our memorandum of agreement, so we now officially have a new contract.  It covers 2011, 2012, and 2013.

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Contract Ratified by Local 410 Members

Local 410 members ratified the memorandum of agreement reached between the Union and the GVLRA at their November 27 meeting.  Also the AGM was held and a new executive elected.  Details to follow.

The GVLRA will meet in December to vote on ratification.  Both sides must ratify to make the agreement official.

A copy of the Memorandum of Settlement the members approved will be found under “2011-MOS” next to “Home” on the top menu bar. It is in PDF format and may take a minute to load because of it’s size.

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Annual General Meeting and Ratification Meeting

Sunday, Nov. 27 at 5:30 pmLocation:  Nellie McClung Branch

Important news!  After two days of bargaining, CUPE Local 410 has reached a tentative settlement with the Library Board and the Greater Victoria Labour Relations Board on a new collective agreement.

If the general membership agrees with the settlement, it needs to ratify its terms in order for the agreement to be finalized.  The Executive has decided that it would be a good idea to hold the ratification meeting on the same date as our Annual General Meeting.  In order to allow all members to attend, the previously announcedAGM date and location have been changed.

We will handle the AGM as quickly as possible, perhaps forgoing many of the usual reports, and focus on conducting the elections.  Then we will adjourn the AGM and convene the Ratification Meeting.  The terms of the tentative agreement will be explained, and members will have an opportunity to ask questions before voting on the agreement.

So, two very important events on the same evening—Local 410’s Annual General Meeting and elections and a collective agreement ratification meeting.  You need to be there.

As usual food will be provided. Thank you,

Holman Louis

Vice-President, CUPE Local 410

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