BCGEU Strike Action and CUPE Strike at UVIC

BCGEU Strike Action

Provincial government employees will be engaging in strike action and picketing on Wednesday September 5th. They have publicly said that they will not block access to other organizations who share facilities with them. That will be the case with the Central Library and the various government offices on Broughton Street.

If the government employees do, in fact, put pickets up in the front of the entrances to the Central Library, Holman, Helen and Heather will speak to the Picket Captain(s) and try to resolve the situation. If the pickets remain, it will be necessary for Central’s staff to exit the building. Picket lines can be dangerous when members of the public engage in heated debates with picketers. Management will likely decide to close the Central Library. Management is very aware that our members cannot cross a picket line and will understand our need to leave. The consequence of leaving the job will be the docking of pay for the hours that each member was not at work.

We do not believe that it will be necessary for our members to leave the Central Library. Nevertheless, you need to know what is expected of you and what the consequences will be. Please follow any instructions given to you by Holman, Helen or Heather.

CUPE Strike Action at the University of Victoria

CUPE Local at UVIC will also begin strike actions on Wednesday September 5th. They have publicly stated that their goal is to inconvenience Management and not students. They will do everything they can to avoid picketing buildings with classrooms and other student centered facilities.

If you find that all entrances to a building that you need to get into are blocked by pickets, then please do not cross that picket line.

You may at anytime join a picket line.

Communicate with your professor via email and determine how best to keep up with your course work. All course work (readings, essays, lab work, tests, exams) will need to be completed before you can pass the course.

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