Supporting the BC Teachers’ Federation

The BCTF will be holding a rally at the Legislature in Victoria from 12 Noon to 1:00 P.M. on Tuesday March 6th. They will gather at Centennial Square and march down Douglas Street to the Legislative Building. All CUPE Locals support the efforts of the BCTF and their fight against our Provincial government’s attack on the process of free and fair collective bargaining.

CUPE 410 is asking that those of you who can, by using your lunch time and/or coffee breaks, PLEASE consider ATTENDING the rally at the Legislature.  You can also use lieu time or banked time, but of course, all of our branches will need to be able to remain open and functioning.

There is lots of information on the CUPE BC website, including letters explaining the situation and a list of frequently asked questions that may be useful to you.

This is the CUPE BC homepage — because I know that they will be updating and adding information all the time:

While we at Local 410 have been very, very fortunate in our Collective Bargaining over the years, it has not been so for many other groups. The current Provincial government’s attack on free and fair collective bargaining may, in the future, have an impact on our collective bargaining process as well. So, let’s get out there and show them our support.

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