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CUPE Steward Conference 2010

Here is the report (.PDF format) from last September’s Steward’s conference.

January Regular General Meeting

Monday January 24, 2011
6:30 p.m.
Emily Carr Branch Library

Please reminder the members in your departments that this is the meeting where we set the budget for the year and nominate members to attend the Spring convention. A quorum will help make the work of the local much easier.

President, CUPE Local 410

AGM Elected Officers for 2010/2011

The Annual General Membership meeting of Local 410 was held last night (November 29).
Elections were held and the results are as follows:

Table Officers
President:                                        Helen Hughes
Vice-President:                               Holman Louis
Treasurer:                                       Vicki Sundher
Ass’t Treasurer/Memberships:       Cindy McKenna
Correspondence Secretary:            Fatima Ferreira
Recording Secretary:                      Janine Foan

Central (1)                        Adrienne Else
Central (2)                        Aaron Thom
Bruce Hutchison               Debbie Chu
Central Saanich                Sheila Sharp
Emily Carr/VLS                 Ruth McMurchy
Esquimalt                         Joy Huebert
Goudy                              Shannon McCambridge
Juan de Fuca                    Arthur Oldershaw
Nellie McClung                Sharon Young
Oak Bay                            Monica Richter
Saanich Centennial          Phyllis Dalton

Trustee (3 year term)      Sarah Lohmann

Chair – Occupational Health and Safety          Helen Hughes
Chair – Catering                                              Cindy McKenna
Member-at-Large – Negotiating                     Heather Murch
Member-at-Large – Union/Management (2)   Olivia Anderson, Holman Louis

CUPE Scholarship                                  Kate Rutherford
Vancouver Island District Council (3)    Sharlene Patterson, Holman Louis, Fatima Ferreira
Victoria Labour Council (2)                   Helen Hughes, Olivia Anderson

2010 Annual General Meeting

The AGM will happen on November 29 this year, at Central with special guest Tammy Simonds, our CUPE Rep.  Please help us celebrate her coming retirement.

There will be the usual annual reports and election of officers.

Vancouver Island Stewards Conference

A big thank you to Stewards, Debbie Chu, Adrienne Else, Aaron Thom and Sharon Young who recently attended the first ever Vancouver Island Stewards conference in Nanaimo.

A CUPE article on the event will be found at the link below,  and we look forward to hearing a report from our Stewards

September 27th General Meeting

Thanks to those who came to the September 27th meeting.  A full quorum was present and business was conducted.

Those of you who did not come missed my revalations about how certain board members feel about Sunday opening and the premium our contract specifies for this.  Too late now.

Meeting Minutes

The final minutes for our May 2010 and the provisional minutes for July 2010 are now posted.  Just click on the “minutes” link in the left side toolbar.


Thanks to those who came out to the General meeting on July 26.  To those of you who couldn’t be there, you missed out on some nice door prizes.  The quorum was met and fun was had by all.  See you in September.

July General Meeting

Our regular general meeting for July will be on Monday the 26th at 6:30 p.m. at the Emily Carr branch.

CUPE BC 47th Annual Convention

Report from Olivia Anderson, Vice President CUPE 410

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